Lacy Puppies

National Lacy Dog Association Approved Lacy Dog Breeders

In 2011, we began to obtain the foundation stock of our breeding program. We have very carefully selected dogs with specific traits and pedigrees to be the base for future generations.
We are not a large breeding operation. Averaging one litter per year, we breed to improve our own dogs, our bloodline, and the breed. We strive for quality, not quantity and have grown increasingly protective of our line. Therefore, we are very selective when it comes to potential buyers. The majority of our puppies are sold from a waiting list created before the breeding even takes place.
Our puppies spend the first few weeks of life in the household and are handled by us on a daily basis. They are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation techniques developed by the U.S. military to enhance development and natural ability. We find early ENS and other socialization techniques reduce gun shyness and improve stability in our pups.

If you are interested in one of our working prospect Lacy pups, we encourage you to start a dialogue as we are always working on a reservation list for future litters
and we are happy to refer you to other breeders we know.

POLICY: Our puppies are registered with the National Lacy Dog Registry. Though we try to honor the preferences of our buyers, we do NOT sell dogs based on color requests alone. Because we fully stand behind our dogs, our pups come with a guarantee to ensure their quality.

We are proud to be members of the National Lacy Dog Association and closely follow their standards for ethical, responsible breeding. We promise to follow a very selective breeding program that emphasizes drive, conformation, and sound temperament to ensure that our puppies excel as performance dogs and loyal companions.

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Stud Dogs We Have Used

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